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Sunday, 26 May 2013


Guglielmo Marconi invented the radio,he was called the father of radio.,he is said to have read about the experiments that Hertz did in the 1880s.In that time Marconi began to understand that radio waves could be used for wireless communications.Marconi's early apparatus was a development of Hertz’s laboratory apparatus into a system designed for communications purposes. At first Marconi used a transmitter to ring a bell in a receiver in his attic laboratory. He then moved his experiments out-of-doors on the family estate near Bologna, Italy, to communicate further. Marconi transmitted radio signals for about a mile at the end of 1895.By 1895, Marconi introduced to the public a device in London, asserting it was his invention. Marconi’s late-1895 transmission of signals was for around a mile.Marconi's reputation is largely based on these accomplishments in radio communications and commercializing a practical system. His demonstrations of the use of radio for wireless communications, establishing the first transatlantic radio service, and building the first stations for the British short wave service, have hold a great place in history.


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