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Tuesday, 23 April 2013


The Wright Brothers, orville and Wilbur were the two American brothers who invented the world,s first sucessful airplane and making thefirst controlled,powered and sustained heavier-than-air human flight, on December 17,1903 at kitty Hawk, North California. It started When orville was 7 and Wilber was 11 years old.  His father Bishop Milton Wright gave them a toy aeroplane, which made them to dream of  inventing real plane. Their parents help them to go after their dreams. They wanted to know more about flight, as they collected and read every thing about it. The wright brothers also went in the printing bussiness,  printing a four page newspaper. Then they opened a bicycle shop in Dayton, ohio. In 1900 the wright brothers were ready to test their first glider. In December 17,1903 their dream become true, they flew four time, the first flight went about 120 feet, and the second and third flight went upto 175 feet each, then the fourth flight went upto 859 feet, which made them the way for sucess. The wright brothers were keep on studying and testing new designs. They began to teach others to fly. The brothers become very famous. They opened their own flying school as they become rich. Then sadly wilbur died of typhoid fever and orville died when he was 77. It was almost 100 years since that the first flight. We honour wright brothers for this great invention.


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